Instant Pot Bacon Gouda Egg Bites

The Latina Housewife

These are insanely delicious!! Apparently these egg bites are a trending craze! I went on the hunt for a bacon gouda egg bite recipe and couldn't find any so that led me to making my own! Just click the images below or the underlined words, they have referral links that will direct you where to purchase each gift at the best prices available with some offering free gift wrapping, sale discounts and free shipping! 

I'll start by sharing the cooking products I used to make this delicious recipe.

  1. Instant Pot Lux 8 quart. I personally picked this one because (a). it has the cake feature and (b). it was on sale and I couldn't pass up the special that was within my budget. 
  2. Egg Silicone Tray. I order 2 of these which have endless options on what you can cook or bake in these! I not only cook my egg bites but I also do muffins of all kinds!
  3. Egg Rack. These are awesome because they're multi-purpose steam racks! You can not only boil eggs but you can stack veggie steamer baskets, pan trays or cake pans!

Now lets move on to my preferred brands for the ingredients in this recipe. Using quality ingredients in my recipes is very important to me because what I feed my family along with affordable prices that fit within our families monthly grocery budget is key.


  1. Vital Farms Brown Eggs
  2. Farmland Hickory Smoked Bacon Classic Cut
  3. Boar's Head Gouda Cheese 
  4. Optional: salt & Pepper

Now remember there's endless ingredients to use! I sometimes use ham, sausage and veggies. 

Once you have all your ingredients start by cooking your bacon and after it's fully cooked place a paper towel it on a flat plate then place your bacon on it and let it cool down. Then grab your gouda cheese and start shredding it and put it in a bowl and set aside. Now grab (15) eggs, crack them all into a bowl and add salt and pepper to desired taste and beat eggs. Lastly you want to go back to your bacon and chop it into bite size square chunks. 

The Latina Housewife

Now that you have your ingredients laid out ready to go, you want to grab your silicone egg tray, a small ladle and a tablespoon to start assembling your egg bites. Follow these steps:

  1. Add a pinch of gouda cheese.
  2. 1st time pour a tablespoon of eggs. -2nd time use a small ladle.
  3. Add a few chunks of bacon.
  4. Add pinch of gouda cheese.
  5. Repeat steps 1,2,3,4, until their filled to the surface.
  6. Lastly I top them off with bacon and cheese.

As the egg bites cook they will rise above the surface but as the cool off they will reduce.

The Latina Housewife

Now before you put your trays inside the instant pot, Add one cup of water inside the instant pot and place the stainless steel rack that came with your instant pot. Then carefully place your first silicone egg tray. Next place your smaller stainless steel egg rack on top of the first silicone egg tray and lastly carefully place your second silicone egg tray. 

 This image shows my first silicone egg tray on top of the stainless steel rack.

This image shows my first silicone egg tray on top of the stainless steel rack.

 This image shows my second silicone egg tray.

This image shows my second silicone egg tray.

Once all my racks and trays are in place I lock the instant pot lid, then set the steam release valve to "sealing" and lastly press manual and set time to 10 minutes. 

The Latina Housewife
*Please read your instant pot user manual for important safeguards and safety tips on how to properly use your instant pot. I'm not responsible for any accidents, burns, broken equipment, damages or injuries.  

Once their done and all pressure is release I remove the instant pot lid and let them cool off  for about 10 minutes. Remember when you open the lid the egg bites will rise above the surface but as they cool they will reduce.

Once cooled off I grab a plate or tupaware to store them in. Then I take them out of the instant pot and I simply grab the tray and push the bottom up and the egg bite easily pops up!

The Latina Housewife
The Latina Housewife

Hope you enjoyed my recipe and if you make these please send me pictures or comment below with any questions. Much more recipes to come!