Must Have Baby/Toddler Products


 I created a gift guide to inspire and help you find some special gifts that any expecting mother will LOVE. A few of the items listed below I own and love! Others are still on my wish list. Just click the images below or the bold words, they have referral links that will direct you where to purchase each gift at the best prices available with some offering free gift wrapping, sale discounts and free shipping! 



Nanit camera is crystal clear live-stream and the app transforms world-class video baby monitor into an Intelligent Sleep Guru with advanced cloud algorithms.  Camera Insights includes: Sleep Tracking, Night Timelapse Videos, Video History and Sleep Tips. Nanit Insights also includes access to the last 30 days of video and sleep history. Lastly and most impor Nanit’s data is secured with the highest level of encryption standards, which I love. Unlike other baby monitors or security cameras like the Nest Camera whom aren't safe against hackers. I once saw a news report on how the parents of two little girls ages 4yr & 7yr old found out that their daughters nest camera was being hacked by a predator for over 6 months, he was live streaming the girls bedroom while they got dressed, slept or just played in their room, the live stream had over 100 people watching the girls. So make sure before you purchase any camera to use "inside" your home do the safety research first.



SNOO Smart Sleeper is the first responsive bassinet that boosts sleep for babies and parents. Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp.


  • SNOO 'hears' your baby's cries and automatically responds with the best level of sound and jiggly rocking... soothing most fussing in under a minute
  • Alerts parents if the baby needs more attention (due to hunger or discomfort)


  • Gentle womb rhythms boost sleep 1+ hours a night
  • Naturally sleep trains, without the need to “cry it out” 
  • Newborns start sleeping better in 1-2 days…babies over 6 weeks improve within 3-7 days




Willow is a portable wearable breast pump with an all-in-one design that allows you to move freely—no cords, no dangling bottles—Willow works quietly inside your bra and conveniently tracks milk volume through our iOS app. And they support the entire experience with personalized 1:1 coaching designed to give you the answers and guidance you need to meet your breastfeeding goals. It's simple easy to clean and quite. Willow iOS app displays what is happening when you pump. See such things as milk volume, pumping time, and past pumping sessions. Mothers are raving about this product! I love the idea of being able to pump freely with no cords, and discreetly wether you're on vacation, a road trip, concerts , at work, or any other activity! 




UnbuckleMe is the award-winning solution for parents and grandparents who struggle to unbuckle child car seats! Easily slides around the buckle and uses leverage to make it more than 50% easier to unbuckle. CPST approved for safety. This product is key to ensuring that ALL adults can easily and comfortably unbuckle their kids. I really wish I had this when my boys where little, I struggled pushing tat red button all the time!



Veer Cruiser is the world's first All-Terrain Crossover that blends all of the feel, functionality and safety of modern premium strollers with the rugged fun of a wagon. Cruiser comes equipped with two Cup Holders and a Snack and Drink tray. 

  • Includes 2 Cup Holders and 1 Snack and Drink Tray. Ships in branded Veer box.
  • Meets ASTM safety standards and is JPMA Certified
  • Push, pull or pull alongside; lockable handle for easy pushing
  • 2-contoured, vented passenger seats with 3-point safety harnesses
  • Accommodates an infant car seat (Adapter sold separately)



Hatch Baby Rest is a combined  nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert in one easy-to-use device that you can control from your phone! Customize color, brightness, sound, and volume level. Set programs to turn off and on automatically based on your family’s sleep schedule. It can also can be programmed to turn on automatically, can be adjusted remotely via phone, or can be tapped on manually as needed. Control remotely via easy-to-use Hatch Baby Rest app. No need to disrupt a sleeping baby! It also grows with your child’s needs - providing soft light and white noise for midnight newborn feeding sessions, the comfort of a nightlight for a preschooler, plus a time-to-rise setting for your older child! Includes toddler lock feature and stays cool throughout the night for safety.


Keenz Stroller Wagon has the stroller certification and two 5-point harnesses, you can safely transport two children, and the wagon-like design means the 7S will serve your family well past the stroller days. Use the 7S for trips to the park, the beach, sporting events, gardening, and more. The 7S comes complete with a cup holder, canopy storage bag, and storage cover



Snuggle Me Organic GOTS certified, organic fabrics, filled with a hypoallergenic, virgin polyester fiber fill. The Snuggle Me will gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug. This is a unique, patented center sling feature only found in the Snuggle Me. It's not just a place to lay baby, but will physically pull in against baby's sides.  Because of their protective patents, no other sleeper or lounger can give this sensory experience to your baby... all others fall short of. Their price is also way more affordable than other brands like the dock-a-tot that ranges between $200-$300.  



Baby Shusher while in the womb, your baby spent 24 hours a day listening to the sounds of blood flow and other in-utero noises, enveloped in sounds up to 95 dB. While this may seem loud, your child will find the rhythmic shush both familiar and calming. Timer Options comes with two easy-to-use timer options that allow you to play the rhythmic shush for either 15 or 30 minutes, giving you full control of your Baby Shusher. Volume Control for the rhythmic shush to work, it is important that the volume of the shush be louder that that of your baby’s cry. Baby Shusher’s volume control allows you to choose how loud or soft to play the sound and adjust the volume as you go to suit your baby’s needs.



Kooï cover is a nursing cover where you don't have to smother your child with a blanket they can easy pull off, it can also be used when changing diapers in public areas where you don't want to expose your childs private areas, and lastly it's also a great cover for the potty training stages.



Summer Infant My Size Potty features the look and feel of an adult toilet to help ensure your child has a comfortable and confident transition to the real thing. Realistic features include a toilet handle with a flushing sound to encourage your child while potty training. The clip-on splash guard and flip-up lid help boys in the potty training process, and the built in wipe dispenser is perfect for promoting good hygiene. A removable bowl makes clean-up easy.